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DelfSail 2021 Postponed!!

The Board of DelfSail 2021 sadly decided to postpone their event, because of the increasing numbers of casualties due to the ongoing Corona Pandemic. It has been very hard to come to this conclusion, because so many are involved and effected. We all feel very disappointed but we have no other choice.

After the start of the second ‘wave’ in the Coronavirus, we received hopeful messages, regarding the vaccin and even noticed a decrease in contaminations during some weeks. Shortly after that the numbers increased rapidly again and it looks like the virus will be amongst us for some more time.

“But with Tall Ships that cannot be visited, trainees and crewmembers who have to stay onboard instead of enjoying our programs and hospitality, crowds that have to be scanned or tested or stay behind fences: this is not who we are. DelfSail has a Legacy of warm hospitality, entertaining programs for the crews as well as for our inhabitants and visitors, and interaction between crewmembers and visitors. The exchange between nations and cultures cannot be executed as long as the virus is present in this way. This would not be the kind of DelfSail we know or want to share with you”, said the Chairman of the Foundation,
Jan Koolhof.

DelfSail will definitely take place, but at a later moment in time. We are looking forward to announce our new course by the end of January 2021! Wishing you all a much better year in 2021, with Fair Winds and Following Seas!

On behalf of the Board for the Foundation DelfSail,
Jeannette Blijdorp-Jonker, Director